Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nobody's Gonna Lay a Finger on my Butterfinger

On Thursday last week, the family and I spent the day with Danielle at her mom's house and had a pool day. We had fajitas, which were amazing and just played and/or relaxed. It honestly could not have been a more perfect day. Falon enjoyed herself immensely, Christopher looked like he didn't have a worry in the world, I got to see my best friend, and the boy just slept all day after spending just a few minutes in the pool (what a life!).

He had his 2 month checkup the same day, and he has gained 3lbs since he was born, and grown 2 inches. It feels like he's bigger than that, but at the same time.. he needs to stop growing! He had his shots as well, which is more than likely why he slept cause we drugged him up on medicine for the fever he had gotten. Good times!

Moving along, Danielle and I got to talk like we used to back in the old days and I was telling her about this blog and why I started it. I would love to start working from home to spend more time with kids, but I still need to get paid, so I start this Google Adsense adventure and hopefully more people will click on the ads and pay me! [Seriously, you don't need to do anything but push the button on your mouse over one (or more, preferably) of the ads, it's not like you don't do so ALL the time while Facebooking, right? ;) ]

However, I don't want to just blog about my life, as exciting as it is, it's also a bit boring, too. It would probably get repetitive and eventually no one would really care. So while I will still update a lil on the kids and what has happened since the post prior, I wanted an actual topic to write about, something I love to do and would like to share with everyone. As we were talking about it, we were enjoying the homemade brownies I had brought and we both realized that I'm not too bad in the kitchen, baking-wise. I can actually cook, too, but I just enjoy baking so much.

So it's decided. I will blog about baking! I will share recipes, tips, etc. ANYONE can bake, it just takes time and practice and someone willing to try your sweets, how hard can it be? :)

The first thing I'll let you in on is this amazing Butterfinger Trifle recipe that I got from Christopher's mom. Hence, the title. ;) This is so super easy, you can do it with your eyes closed, although I do not recommend it, it might get a lil messy.

This is what you need:

- Your favorite plain chocolate cake recipe -- anything will work as long as it's chocolate of course: German Chocolate cake, Red Velvet cake, Hershey's Chocolate cake, fudge cake - use your imagination! (I make the Duncan Hines German Chocolate Cake box for a few reasons: one of Christopher's favorite cakes is German Chocolate, I haven't found a made from scratch German Chocolate cake recipe that I like yet, and even if it's boxed, it's still delicious) - I've also used my homemade Red Velvet cake recipe and it's incredible in it. I don't usually do this, since Christopher likes the icing that comes with the cake recipe, and it's just not the same otherwise.
- A can of sweetened condensed milk
- The big tub of cool whip (kept in the fridge, so it's easy to spread)
- And a lot of butterfingers, crushed up! I get the bag of mini butterfingers, throw them in a chopper and crush them up. However, if you want to get more for snacking, then by all means!

Make your chocolate cake, and be sure that it has cooled. Take a fork and break it up into pieces, and by pieces, we're talking almost crumbs here, people!

Now take a big bowl, and I mean big, because this makes a LOT. You'll want a lot, though, because this.. is AMAZING. Pour 1/4 of your cake crumbles, spread evenly throughout the bottom of your bowl. Then a 1/4 of the whipped cream, and then a thick layer of crushed up butterfingers. Repeat, but with a twist: another 1/4 of the cake crumbles, NOW pour over 1/3 of the sweetened condensed milk, then whipped cream, then butterfingers again. The thinking behind this is the condensed milk will settle to the bottom of the bowl, and if you put it on the first layer, it will get all mushy and look gross. This way, that first layer of whipped cream will essentially "block" the milk from getting to the bottom of the bowl. Repeat these steps, including the condensed milk, until you have nothing left. You should end up with a layer of whipped cream topped with the butterfinger crushings at the top. Cover up with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours, give everything a chance to get cold - it's most enjoyable this way.

After 4 hours or when you decide you can't wait any longer, rush back to your fridge, get yourself a big spoon (or a big bowl.. or both) and get you some!

You will NOT regret this, I promise you!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!



  1. I dont think i could share this one! Sounds so yummy i'd eat the whole thing myself!!