Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's been a week already??

I can't believe it's already been a week since I started this blogging adventure. So much as happened in the last 7 days, it's crazy!

Rhylon is doing awesome, getting used to Christopher.. which makes me so happy. He wasn't a big fan of daddy and while he made jokes about it, I think it hurt him just a lil bit, but it's all good now! The boy (which is what we usually call him) now has audible laughs and loves to smile, such a sweet boy. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for his 2 month well-check.. yes, it's been 2 months already! He's quite a healthy boy, he doesn't miss any meals, that's for sure.

The last couple of days have been nothing but busy, long and hopefully nothing we have to deal with again. On Sunday morning, Christopher's aunt, Jean, passed away. She had been going through rounds of chemo for the past few months and it was her time. She is no longer suffering and now we are hoping and praying that her husband, Christopher's Uncle Bud can fight off what he's been up against. The ride to Milam, which is right on Toledo Bend turned out to be a nightmare.. we were following Christopher's mom, 10 minutes east of Crockett, we had truck troubles. We noticed that the engine was having some issues running, and after 2 minutes, Christopher was no longer able to accelerate. Nevermind that it's somewhere around 90 degrees, we don't have much cell signal either. A cop pulled up to us and called us a tow truck, just to attempt to charge us $450 to tow us to Lufkin, about 30 minutes away. $450?!? Yes, ridiculous. The gentleman was very nice and called another guy who said he would tow us for $100. So after about 2 hours of being stranded (thank god mom was there, and we were able to get the kids in the air coniditioning), the guy finally came and we were towed to the Chevrolet dealership in Lufkin. It turned out to be the fuel pump and some other stuff, which I can't recall considering it sounded like German to me. Only $1350 dollars later did we get the truck back. What I wouldn't give to be home and in the vicinity of good friend and mechanic, David Gonzales. Who, by the way, owns Buddha's Garage at the 290/I-35 area.. and he's wonderful and the best deal you'll get! If you want an honest and knowledgeable mechanic, call him!! If you have money to blow, then by all means.. do so, otherwise.. he should be your guy. Back to the crappy car ride story.. we finally made it to Lufkin, but we still had another hour before getting to the funeral home for the visitation. I won't divulge any details as far as the funeral/visitation goes, however it was wonderful to be with family. Christopher plans on going back to Milam to go fishing with Uncle Bud, which is much needed. I would like to go back up there as well, Uncle Bud owns a restaurant up there called Bryce's Landing that I would LOVE to try out. The restuarant sits on the Toledo Bend Resevoir, with a pier at the back of the restaurant. Can't get any fresher seafood than that!

Moving along, we only stayed Monday night and came back late Tuesday night. Back at home counting down the days till I have to go back to work, which is 4 more. I'm so sad that I have to leave my kids, I'm enjoying my time off soooo much.

That's enough for now, my thumbs hurts from typing on such a tiny keyboard and I'm about to throw some porkchops on the stove, yum! Gotta get dinner done early, Christopher is working an overnight shift tonight. Tomorrow is a day of fun at the pool and BBQ with my best friend, Danielle at her mama's house, I am uber excited! It's much needed after the last couple of days we just had. PS. Christopher just told me that it's 99 degrees outside right now. NINETY-NINE! It's about to only be June, which means it's not even hot yet!

Okay, I'm done for real. So maybe not THAT much has happened in the last 7 days, but it's been very long. Next week kids! And hopefully I can post some pictures!

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